Fox Glutton Bowl: Butter Champ 2002
7 quarter-pound sticks, salted butter
5 minutes
IFOCE Record
Watch the Video
Cloud Burger Champ 2001
11 1/4 Burgers (1/4 pound)
10 minutes
IFOCE Record
Jalapeno Champ: Laredo, Texas 2002,
Milwaukee 2002

120 Jalapeno Peppers
15 minutes
Baked Beans
6 Pounds Baked Beans
1 Minute, 46 Seconds
IFOCE Record
Watch the Video
See more of Don's records in the Record Book.

The Don "Moses" Lerman
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New Articles in the PRESS section

Read about Don MOSES Lerman in Jewish Life magazine! Go to the PRESS section or read it on

New Articles in the PRESS section

Read about Don MOSES Lerman in ESQUIRE magazine! Go to the PRESS section. has landed

The long awaited is finally here! Competitive Eating Champ Don "Moses" Lerman is in control of a blog where he will write about the Competitive Eating Circuit as well as thoughts of his own.  Look out for Jewish News, World News, & Jewish Humor.

A Tribute to Ed "Cookie" Jarvis [3/8/06]

This is Don Lerman, I first met Ed Jarvis at the Huntington Bens Matza Ball qualifier back in 2001. He walked in all 6 feet 400 lbs an imposing eater and was swallowing matza balls whole, all eyes were on him. He didn't win that contest but at the Manhattan qualifier I gave him some tips on my technique and the rest is history. We became friends from that contest on and I don’t think there's a day we haven't spoken on the phone or in person since. We kris crossed the country entering every Nathans regional in the spring of 2001. I was at the Glutton Bowl with him, trained for the ice cream, canoli, and hot dog contests with him and I'd like to share these pictures with you.

Don "Moses" Lerman

Gustoff Zychick's Celebrity Boxing Lineups [1/20/06]

View Gustoff's Celebrity Boxing predictions in the Staff Articles! Plus.. New Pics in the Moses Museum under Friends.

Heavyweight Fight to be Latke Champ [12/28/05]

Don Lerman competes in the first ever U.S. Latke-eating competition! Read all about it here in the Press Section.

Paulie-Sham-Asaurus Rex [11/30/05]

Don "Moses" Lerman & Krazy Kevin attempt to bEAT the Pauliesaurus Rex.
An article by Cousin Chubby click here.

New Daily News Article "Top Gobblers" in the Press Section.

An Open Letter to my Fans [11/16/05]

This is Don Lerman, yesterday I lost the Krystal Contest. It wasn't a big margin but a loss none the less. I'm not a quitter and I intend to be the champion that my friends came to love and respect. Right now, as of today I decided to take a sabbatical from eating to lose weight and get my dental work in order.

To quote General McArthur "I SHALL RETURN!"

Thank You,
Don Lerman

Verizon VoiceWing Article by Kevin Lipsitz [11/9/05]

Click here for the article

Verizon VoiceWing Battle [10/20/05]

Updates from Cousin Chubby on the Verizon VoiceWing Battle & Krystal Burgers competitions as well as 2 eatery recommendations in the Staff Articles.

New Pictures, Links, Press. Plus Top 20 Eaters by Zhychick! [10/5/05]

Coming Soon:

New pictures in the "Friends" section of the "Moses Museum" (#'s 33-39).

New Links in the "About Don Lerman" section.

New Daily News Article in the "Press Room."

Gustoff Zhychicks Top 20 Eaters in the "Staff Articles."


Winchells Donut Champ Video [09/13/05]

New Video of Don "Moses" Lerman winning the Winchells Donut Contest in the Video section of the Press Room.


Recent Updates [8/30/05]

New Article in the Staff Articles by Cousin Chubby
News Flash!!!
Gustoff Zychick undergoes emergency colostomy.
Cousin Chubby refuses doctor's orders to receive stomach bypass.

Don "Moses" Lerman Featured in THE GURGITATOR click here

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New Video: Don Lerman on the A&E TV Show Airline (Grilled Cheese Contest)

Go to the Press Room or Click Here


Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest Pictures [7/25/05]

Go to the Moses Museum and click on "FRIENDS" (pictures 28-32) to view more pics from the World Famous Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest 2005!


Salty Ball Potatoes Win & DON MOSES LERMAN.COM Birthday! [6/26/05]

Results for the Salty Ball Potato Contest:

Don Lerman: 3rd Place
Tim Janus: 2nd Place
Sonya Thomas: 1st Place



Adios, Monster Burrito! [6/3/05]

Click the pic below to read the new Staff Article by Kevin Jay Lipsitz!


Don Lerman on A&E's Airline! Check your local listings. [5/18/05]


The Official Don "Moses" Lerman Soundboard! [5/8/05]

Click here for the Official Don "Moses" Lerman Soundboard!


Nathans Scramble [5/2/05]

Nathans Hot Dog Season starts big scramble to get in for the 4th of July. Don Lerman only one in so far. Story continued by Gustoff Zhychick.


New Staff Articles [4/14/05]

New Staff Articles by Cousin Chubby and Gustoff Zhychick on 3 Restaurant Recommendations and Don "MOSES" Lerman training updates. Read them in the Staff Section.


New Article [3/16/05]

New Article in the Press Section. "Glut of Bowls" from the Philedelphia Enquire.


New Videos & Photos [3/10/05]

Matzoh Balls (UPN 9) *NEW*
Matzoh Balls (CBS 2) *NEW*
Hotdogs (News 12) *NEW*
Sally Jesse Raphael *NEW*

New photos in the Celebrities and Don Lerman sections of the Moses Museum.


Sonya takes 1st in Grilled Cheese contest [2/14/05] Grilled Cheese contest results:
1st Sonya Thomas
Tied for 2nd & 3rd Rich Lefevre & Jed Donahue
4th Carlene Lefevre
5th Chas Hardy
6th Badlands Booker
7th Ron Koch

Coming soon to a TV set near you! Don Lerman will appear on A&E airline at a date to be announced. It will be the best TV of the year and you can go to to hear an excerpt of Don Lerman’s interview.

Click here for the latest article by Gustoff Zhychick.


Sonya takes 1st in Barrick Burger, Sends Everybody Packing.... [1/23/05]

Results are in on the Big Barrick Burger Contest! Click here to read the article by Gustoff Zhychick!


Update from Cousin Chubby [1/21/05]

Click here to see the latest update from Cousin Chubby.


Chili Dog, New Staff, & Wing Bowl 13 Updates [1/10/05]

We at would like to pay our respects to Chili Dog who passed away last week.

Krazy Kevin Lipsitz comes to after negotiations with Jimmy Breslin broke down. Don Lerman was able to aquire Krazy Kevin Lipsitz to join the Staff along with Cousin Chubby and Gustoff Zhychick and report on Wing Bowl 13. Krazy Kevin is to compete in Las Vegas in the 9lb burger competition (Story to come).

After a 3 year absence 90 year old Don Lerman will make an appearance at Wing Bowl 13 and compete for the title. 90 year old Don Lerman says "If the polygrip holds I’ll have a good day!" This year the Wing Bowl 13 field of eaters is the toughest lineup I’ve seen in years. See you soon!


A Message from Moses & Site Updates [12/23/04]

Don Lerman wants his fans to know that he'll be more consitent this year and
vows to compile a more impressisive record than last year!

Check out the Moses Museum for updated pictures in the Friends & Contests Sections!

Two NEW Articles by Cousin Chubby and Gustoff Zhychick! Click Here!

New Articles in the Press Section.

Don't forget that Don will be competing in the upcoming Philly WingBowl!


Wing Bowl February 4th! [12/20/04]

Don will be competing in the upcoming Wing Bowl on February 4th! Eat Don Eat!


Thanksgiving Contest [11/19/04]

Don will be competing in the upcoming Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest to be held on Monday the 22nd of November.


Don "Moses" Lerman Video Footage! [9/20/04]

Videos added to the Press Room! Ever wondered how someone could eat 6 pounds of beans in 1 minute and 46 seconds? Then check out the Press Room for some Miraculous Moses footage. Also check out Don on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Fox's Glutton Bowl along with various other appearances!


A Message for Jed [9/18/04]

September 19th - Krystal Hamburgers (Knoxville, Tenn.)
September 22nd - Donuts

Canoli Contest Results:
Eric "Badlands" Booker 1st Place!
Tim Janus 2nd
Alan Goldstein 3rd (Triple overtime against Crazy Legs)


Upcoming Contests *Revised* [9/03/04]

Don will be competing in the following upcoming contests: September 5th - Wings, September 19th - Krystal Hamburgers (Knoxville, Tenn.), September 22nd - Donuts. Eat Don! Eat!

Be sure to check out the long awaited first editions of the Staff Articles from Don "Moses" brought to you by Cousin Chubby and Gustoff Zhychick. The Articles include highlights from the Saratoga win and insider info on things to come!


An Open Letter To My Fans… [9/02/04]

Hello, this is Don “Moses” Lerman speaking! I just returned from the Nathan’s First Regional Qualifier at Saratoga Park, victorious! I’m four-for-five this year in first place wins. September 3rd, I’ll be going to Buffalo to compete in the U.S. Buffalo Wing Eating Championship and then I’m off to Tennessee for Krystol Hamburgers, followed by a return to Los Angeles, California for the Winchell Doughnut Final.

I’m overwhelmed by all the fan mail I’ve received and I just hired a staff of 25 people to help me with the large volume of mail. I will answer every letter, this is my promise! The fan is number one at all times and I will never forget that.

At this time, I’d like to introduce the President and Vice-President of the Don “Moses” Lerman Fan Club, Ryan Urban and Shana Urban.

Thank you!
Don “Moses” Lerman