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Saturday, March 06, 2010

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Don''Moses" Lerman With Rabbi at"Moses'' Lerman's Nieces Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

Friday, February 19, 2010


Don Lerman Will Not Compete In This Years Go Go Curry Contest.. Leaves CE A Winner

I will not be competing in this years Go Go Curry event I made a promise to my fans that I shall return to the CE table and for filled that at the Zans Latke Contest and walked away a winner,thank you for your support.. Good Luck to all competing this year... Don Moses Lerman


Don Lerman's Last Contest... A Promise To Fans Forfilled !

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Don Lerman Disparaged On You Tube By The U.N

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The Greatest Jewish athletes of all time * if your a Jewish athlete eater and would like to appear on our page feel free to send your stats and photo to DonmosesLerman@GMAIL.COM
Don 'Moses'' Lerman Instrumental In Creating The Sport Of Competitive Eating Has Amassed A Record In His Sport That Will Live In The Annals Of Competitive Eating For Years To Come Including World Record In Butter 7 Sticks Salted In 5 Minutes ,Baked Beans 6 Lbs In 1 Minute 46 Seconds, Russian Polmeni 150 In 2 Min45 Seconds, Cloud Burgers 11/4 In 10 Min, Entered And Won More Nathans Hot Dog Qualifiers Than Any One Person, Matzah Ball Champ 2000, Potato Latka Champ 2010,Winchels Donuts,2 Time Jalapeño Champ 120 Peppers In 15 Minutes Without Milk, Lifetime Achievement Award

Harold Abrahams, track and field
The British-born athlete will not only be remembered as the first Jew - and the first non-American - to win the 100-meter dash at the Olympics, but also as the man who redefined the modern sport of athletics.
Angelica Adelstein-Rozeanu, table tennis
Generally considered the greatest female table tennis player of all time, winning 17 World Championship titles, including six straight Singles championships from 1950 to 1955.
Ali Bacher, cricket
Regarded as one of the greatest cricketers in South African history, Bacher's greatest contribution was as administrator of the South African Cricket Board, a position he assumed in 1981.
Victor Gyozo Barna, table tennis
Once described as "the greatest table tennis player who ever lived," Barna amassed a total of 32 World Championships medals in a career that spanned six years - 23 gold, six silver and three bronze.
Isaac 'Ike' Berger, weightlifting
Technically Israel's first Olympian, the Jerusalem-born Berger won gold for the U.S. at the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne with a lift of 776.5 pounds (352.5 kgs).
Lillian Copeland, track and field
Unquestionably the greatest female athlete of her generation, and excelling in shot put, discus and javelin, Copeland set a remarkable six world records in each of the disciplines between 1925 and 1932.
Gal Fridman, windsurfing
Gal Fridman's place in Jewish sporting legend is guaranteed by the fact that he was the first Israeli to stand on the winner's podium and listen to "Hatikva," being played.
Hank Greenberg, baseball
The first Jewish superstar in baseball and the first Jewish ballplayer elected to the Baseball Hall Of Fame, Hank Greenberg made Joe DiMaggio's 'eyes pop out' when he first saw him at the bat.
Agnes Keleti, gymnastics
Winner of a staggering 10 Olympic medals - including five gold - Agnes Keleti is the most successful female Jewish athlete of all time. Now 84, Keleti says she can still turn cartwheels.
Sandy Koufax, baseball
With a 25-game win record in three seasons, five straight ERA titles, and a new standard with 382 strikeouts in 1965, Koufax was also the youngest ever inductee to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Lenny Krayzelburg, swimming
The U.S. swimmer broke three world records in 1999 and four Olympic gold medals in the 2000 and 2004 Games. At one point, he owned all six world records in backstroke, long course and short course.
Benny Leonard, boxing
Born Benjamin Leiner and known as the Ghetto Wizard, Leonard held the World Lightweight Championship for nearly seven years before retiring unbeaten in 1925.
Sid Luckman, football
The most successful Jewish football player in NFL history, Luckman spent nine seasons as quarterback of the Chicago Bears, winning four NFL Championships and five Western Conference titles.
Daniel Mendoza, boxing
Boxing as "Mendoza the Jew" in late 18th-century London, the success of the first Jewish prizefighter paved the way for Jews to gain greater acceptance in all sectors of British society.
Laurence E. 'Lon' Myers, track and field
The first man to run the quarter-mile (440 yards) in under 50 seconds, Myers over a 21-year period, held every U.S. record for distances ranging 50 yards to one mile.
Dolph Schayes, basketball
Retiring in 1964 after playing a staggering 1,509 games - more than any other player in NBA history - Schayes also owned five NBA records, including most field goals and most free throws.
Mark Spitz, swimming
Generally acknowledged as the greatest swimmer of all time, Spitz's collection of honors includes 32 world records from 1967-72; nine gold medals, one silver and one bronze in two Olympics.
Eva Szekely, swimming
Szekely competed in three Olympic Games, winning gold and silver, and smashing 10 world records, 5 Olympic records and 101 Hungarian national records along the way.
Dara Torres, swimming
The only U.S. swimmer to win medals (nine) at four different Olympic Games, Torres still holds the U.S. 100-meter butterfly record. She was inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 2004.
Henry Wittenberg, wrestling
Wittenberg only started wresting in college, but recorded a winning streak of 300 consecutive matches, culminating in a gold medal at the 1948 London Olympics.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


.Which Jewish Group Will Have The Greatest Impact On The Jewish Masses In The Next Decade? Karaite Judaism.Reform Judaism Reconstictionist movement , Orthodox , Conservative ,Hasidism World Lubabitch Movement

Moses News.Com SaysKaraite Jews of AmericaWe Want Your Take!

Jewish Reconstructionist Federation

LifeFind a Chabad-Lubavitch Worldwide
We at Moses News .Com Believe that either Karaite Jews of America, The World Lubabitchermovement or The
Reconstructionist Judaism will dominate American Jewry in the upcoming decade as they reach out to the Jewish And Non Jewish Community. What is your take on the subject we'd like to know.

Monday, February 08, 2010


I remember my parents speaking Yiddish,as a secret language so I didn't know what they were speaking about, They always had to throw in an English word in and for the moment ,lost the secrecy of their conversation, I'm in my 60's now. Yiddish a language rich in culture and literature, '' The Mamaloshen'' a mother tongue that served the Jews of Eastern and central Europe well for nearly 1000 years put to death by a selfish self serving generation of Jewish Parents who were more interested in the preserving the privacy of their conversation than their Culture. They are not the only ones to shoulder the blame for destroying a culture. The modern state Israel shares some blame as well. When the Jews where coming in from Europe after world war two. soldiers harassed those openly speaking Yiddish and were reminded to speak Hebrew. The Government supplied paper for newspapers and wouldn't supply paper for Yiddish Publications, Paper for Yiddish daily s had to be bought on the
Black market and was whatever color that was available,it was not unusual to see news papers with red color paper for Yiddish publications.If Israel had made Yiddish the national language ,I can only imagine how many pre wwII immigrants to America would have packed up and left America for Israel in 1949. I 'm upset when my Yiddish -
culture is being trampled on in Shule. I not happy being corrected for my
pronunciation, there is a Rabbi in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area, thats says in his advertisement''I use the old fashioned Ashkenazic Pronunciation and get you out in less than an hour so you can take your wife to the mall or kid to the little league''.I like that . don't you?I'd like to see a movement to revive Yiddish to its glory days.end * shut music off on top of page to hear you tubes and click either box to view...

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Clothing Industry Should Refrain From Using The Iron Cross In Their Clothing Line

Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and DiamondsSee full size imageThe Iron Cross an old German Army Medal .today is nothing more today than a code symbol for a Swastika in the opinion of Moses News .Com , Plain and simple it means nothing else. I see it all the time on German style motorcycle helmets . Everyone knows it and yet it has an Emperors New Clothes Mystic about it ( nobody says boo about it) , well Moses News . Com says enough is Enough This usage of the Iron Cross is bringing hatred out in the open. and We at Moses News challenge the clothing industry and the public to wake up and boycott this image/end


Is It Highway Robbery For The Parents To Keep The BarMitzvah Gifts To Pay Off The Catering Hall?Holdup : Stealing Man Stock Photo

I was Bar Mitzvaded in April of 1962, like many Bar Mitzvah boys i studied my Tuchas off ,6 hrs a day of learning to sing the Haf Torah and all the trimmings.I was ever bit as good a a young Moisher Oysher , Having been home schooled by my Great Uncle Phil. Silver, who grew up with Moisher Oysher and went to the same Shule in Montreal with him, his Brother Daniel Silver Himself was a Famous Big Time Chassan from Montreal.
My parents like many Parents in the 50's and 60's ,wanted to impress everyone so they rented a catering hall that they couldn't afford, How in the world can they pay for it you might ask, simple , keep all the cash gifts and bonds.every Jewish man in my age bracket knows what I'm Referring to. It s just not right ,I tell everyone Who not Jewish that if their invited to a Bar mitzvahs to ask the father of the Bar Mitzvah Boy if he is letting the kid keep the presents '' all the presents '' if they say no . then , don't go , the parents are making a shame out of a sacred act. My parents and all those who stole their kid ' s Bar Mitvah gelt Fashaired our simca.. Write us at Moses newscom and tell us your experience on this subject , we'd like to hear from you
BarMitzvahStockPhoto.jpg (295×338)


If You Throw a Rock at a Cop in London, Paris or N.Y. Guess What? You Get Your Head Broken, Surprise,Its No Different In Israel...Don't do it Anywhere

The Arabs seem to feel that they have cart blanch when it comes to throwing rocks , Molotov Cocktails .rockets at Policeman and into Jewish Towns and jurisdictions , guess what its no different than anywhere else in the world , you get your head broken, only Israel has to answer for its actions in the world arena. Just let the Arabs try to throw a rock at a cop anywhere in the world an see what happens .This is just another double standard that Israel must indure, now to be charged with War crimes is the ultimate Chutzpah Israel should leave the U.N. after all what do they benefit for just getting a brow beating and going threw the gauntlet of Jewish hatred, They benift nothing17. Policemen


Are Jewish Woman Decimating The Jewish Population by Refusing to Date Jewish Men?

It is my experience that there are 2 Types of Jewish woman , 1 the self hating Jew that considers each and every Jewish man a Nerd or Nebish,and are not man enough for them to date and the 2nd the GoldDigger that wants nothing less than a Doctor or lawyer or anyone who makes a 6 figure salary , Doesn't matter how good looking or how good a family man he'd make between the 2 it makes it very difficult for Jewish men to meet suitable Jewish partners The latter Charactor flaw is not taught at home but not discouraged either that former is well indoctrinated in the mind of Jewish women that no one who in stales cable or works a low level white color job need apply.To quote a line from fiddler on the roof '' Isn't a poor man entitled to a little happiness?'' what Hitler couldn't accomplished Jewish women are finishing the job of decimating the Jewish Population * magazine picture not involved with article
Article rewriten due to accidental deleting

Everyone Now Knows that Rabbi Meir Kahane was right.. He advocated removal of all Arabs from Israel, nothing more than the Arabs are advocating in the west bank if Israel hand it over to the Palestinian authority, its not to late to reconsider his ideas, the world body really doesn't care about Israels plight or possible ill fate,they could care less, there will be outcry at the U.N, everyone will yell for a week then its done -over ended with . Israel should take an extreme right wing approach to this matter and quickly before Iranian missiles becomes an exact science ... next The Druze a friend to Israel for 60 yrs

Want to Pack the Synagogues Once Again?If the Board of Rabbis want to pack em in on Saturday or the High Holy days what I propose is to drop the Chassan for a Comedian, Cantors are old hat ( no pun intended) todays Jewish Minion goer doesn't relate to a cantor in todays market of music ,Get someone like A Jackie Mason or some other good Jewish comic to do stand up and you'll pack them in.... Guaranteed Jackie Mason.<span class=>


Debunking The Myth That All Jews Are Doctors And Lawyers

I personally grew up in the 40's 50's and 60's in N.Y.C., thou we didn't live in some slum out an old movie , never the less my family was poor, low income, not middle class by a long shot. We live in a 1 bedroom apartment . for about a good dozen years and graduated to 2 bedroom apt , when some other poor soul moved away or died in our old apartment building, My parents biggest Dreams was to get in a city housing project.
  • Most of my extended family was living there already or in other low cost apartments, We weren't home owners or even collage educated .I was all grownup and out of the service when my parented put together enough for a house of their own. We were like the Beverly Hillbillies in the neighborhood , not the original owners who were of my ethnic group for the most part and were to ritzy to associate with us,the men in the neighborhood all had good jobs,collage educated and the women didn't work they stayed home and ate chocolates all day.Both my parents worked my father worked in a shoe factory as a skiver most of his life,My mother found luck late in life and secured good job as a mortgage possessor enabling us to have house at last. In my day no lower income Jew or white went on to collage for the most part, Vietnam changed that forever. All my relatives went into the service and for the most part worked low level blue collar jobs, when I move to the suburbs I was the only Jew working in the warehouse , it wasn't fun and was never really accepted by my fellow workers as own of the guys at work, I put all My savings and went to work for myself as a day old bread store operator .When I hear the whispers that all Jews Are rich . It make my blood boil. There was and are many Jewish families struggling today who just don't fit that stereotype..end

Who Owes A Synagogue When It Closes Its Doors For Good?...Traditionally when a group of Jews want to start a Synagogue, they get together, start a building fund , each prospective congregation members puts up x amount of money. either donated, a loan of some sorts , I am presuming that there is paper work somewhere along the line. there is an elected President , they interview and hire a Rabbi , either rent an apartment or buy a house for the Rabbi to reside in, when the loans are satisfied and the congregation moves away. traditionally the president of the Shul is supposed to take the money from the sale and put it toward s the next synagogue that he is involved with that opens up in the future, Is he the legal trustee and l allowed to 1. perform the transaction of the sale of the temples land and or building and if so what obligations does he have by law to follow out any plan at all? This is a major grey area of the law ,after all this is not a Church who owns and oversees the individual houses of Worship it's strictly congregational. My Grandfather told me such a story that when the members moved away from his Synagogue in Williamsburg Brooklyn and it was closed down Circa1956 he later ( my Grandfather) ran into the Shuls president in Canarsie Brooklyn and gave him Hell for pocketing the proceeds of the sale and doing with it as he wished. I live in Levittown L.I. and the Israel Jewish center is up for sale and I wonder whats the story and whos in charge of overseeing the sale and perspective proceeds of the sale ..don't you?


Should Jewish Newscasters Take off On High Holidays?

I often though to myself that any Jewish Newscaster should have the decency and pride to take the day off on a High Holiday even if they are not religious. It sends the wrong message to non Jews that Jews have no respect for themselves. and if you have no respect for yourself , why should anyone respect you . T.V stations should automatically give them off the day and have them pull duty on Christmas for example . freeing a Christian from coming to work o his or her Holiday. It just doesn't sit well with Jewish viewers to see Jewish reporter or anchor on High Holiday , plain and simple...endStock Photo - newscasters in  television studio  getting prepared.  fotosearch - search  stock photos,  pictures, images,  and photo clipart

Jewish Funeral Homes and Cemeteries Have become Strictly a Business And of Non Jewish Ownership...
Stock Photo of Moss Covered Gravestone Royalty Free..Read on...
When my grandfather died we went to a Jewish Funeral home, which name I shall omit for this segment, thou anyone who has the unfortunate task of burying a loved one will know what I write is the truth so help me G-d.
  • My parents wanted an open casket ,the funeral directer , was preaching and lecturing to them quoting Jewish law saying its forbidden, my father insisted and eventually got his way , when it came to sign the contract ,my Mother noticed that the funeral directors name was Nunzio. My mother gave it to him , how dare you lecture Jewish law to me and that's the gist of it today all the parlors are owned by private non Jewish concerns ,maybe keeping original family around as a greeter , Ala Mickey mantle and Willy Maze was at Atlantic City perhaps they own 1/10Th of the business today , who's to say for sure, this is also the way it is in non Jewish parlors such as Catholic Protestant etc. original family no longer owns the funeral homes as in the past.
How did the Board of Rabbis, let this happen? where was the Board of Rabbis as these concerns were buying out each and every Jewish funeral parlor and cemetery.I say that a Jewish funeral director should be a Jewish Functionary plain and simple many Rabbis have a connection of sorts with these parlors and receive work from them such as performing a funeral services , so there's no outcry from the Jewish Clergy . and thats the way it is folks.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Jewish Woman And The Mink Stole

Circa 1950's- to the the late 1960's Jewish woman of that era in America, Basically New York had to have a mink stole .
No self resepctingJewish Woman was without one..................
what were talking about is lower income Jewish woman whose husbands maybe brought
home $100 a week if they put in 10 hrs of overtime if they were lucky. Everything was sacaficed so that they can ware a mink stole , for example, maybe their children's denatl work. a summer vacation, a better apartment
everything had to go for a stole.the Jewish woman had to maybe ware it once a year to be seen and pretend ''wealthy
status''.and utter the words Who Ha,look at me who ha . that along with Mah Jong is a passing item in Jewish history, My own mother sacrificed getting braces for my buck teeth , it was more important for her to ware that stole once a year . maybe 3 times total in her life and utter at the top of her lungs Who Ha look at me .how sad , but every one of the lower income New York Jews ,Knows what I"m talking about.My mother passed away a few years back
and I found her mink stole , I gave it to my niece (granddaughter) she wares it on Halloween.little does she know or comprehend that that stole is a part of American Jewish History.


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