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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Group  by <span class=The Go! Go! Curry Contest Results & Happenings of The Day
I arrived early at 3pm . I was there with my entourage , my nephew my niece ( which I didn't have to pay them to be there ) my sister and 2 friends of my nephew along with kevin & lorraine lipsitz and family all honored me by wearing the offical Don Lerman tee shirt.
I saw Joe Menchetti drive by the meeting was most pleasant between him and myself and Dale Boone, We all shook hand sand exchanged pleasantries for a good hour before the contest , There was no friction between us whatsoever. The introductions was fantastic, the seating was determined by the qualifier finishes myself and Dale Bone sat in the back row on stools as apposed to chairs as the first 3 qualifiers with best times, Paul Porkslap,Masato and Joe Menchetti sat in the front row The refill bowls were right there as well as the water unlike some events that I competed in in the past . Kazuko the organizer of the event was most pleasant as were the press
. . I haven't pushed myself that hard for a long time when it was over I was extremely bloated until 11pm at night when it dissipated. I will have pictures of the contests later on. I hit 3rd place and unlike eroneus reporting on other blogs I did not puke during the contest , I let some phlegm out after wards thats all, I want to thank the promoter of the event as well as my fan base for supporting me in this event.and the 1st and 2nd place winners Joe Mencheti with 28 bowls nd Dale Boone with 25 bowls and the rest of the field of entries in the contest Thank You .... Don Lerman
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Time Out NY 

Monday, May 25, 2009


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Menchetti ,  I'm gunning For You, See You at The Go!Go! Curry Coral

Moses Makes Finals!
  1. 1st place Joseph Menchetti
  2. 2nd Place Paul Arcaria
  3. 3rd place Masato Tomita
  4. 4th place Donald Lerman
  5. 5th place Dale Boone

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Don Lerman Wth Joe Menchetti and Brian Seiken At Bens Qualifier

A few minutes later I beat Joe menchetti at Bens By what margin I don't recall, I always say  a win is a win ,For someone who wrote Eat feats and said that I should  be DQed for being a pro, he wasted no time in running down To Go! GO! Curry, we'll see what happens tonite if i have to re qualify ,I'll give it the old college try, if I dont get in , what can I say, I  tryed my best ..end

Friday, May 01, 2009

 Like Attack Dogs , eaters Converge on Go!Go1 curry to Attack Lerman
Looks like every Smuck and his brother are looking to mow Lerman down, remember this ''what goes around , comes around'' you to will be 60 someday and perhaps will try to jump start your comeback or enter an event for fun and another creep as yourself will try to burst your bauble , however I remain un fazed ,by the competition but regret the   serious character flaws of my opponents to do this contests it seems out of a vicious  want to beat don lerman ./ It makes the sport look bad rather\than good


Don Lerman Screwed or Sandbaged? Can he Overcome Dispite Odds Against Him?

http://www.artestuff.com/index.php?cPath=1_4Sandbags : Sandbags Stacked In A Doorway In Preparation For Flooding Stock Photowill Don Lerman overcome the obstacle's against him . Don says yes. he is practicing everyday  . Drinking  A gallon of water in one sitting and he says it going to be good contest, there is a Chance that Lerman might have to re qualify, thats OK says Moses bring on the Curry and Don Lerman thanks his readership for their support...end


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