If ever there were a time Joey Chestnut would be considered "The Babe Ruth of competitive eating," it's now.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Vallejoan with the voracious appetite not only has one, but two trading cards flashing his smiling mug.

What was once limited to baseball players, Topps cards has unleashed a "legends" series that includes "Jaws," a 24-year-old San Jose State University student and the International Federation of Competitive Eating's No. 1-rated chow hound.

"It's so awesome," Chestnut said earlier this week from his South Bay engineering job. "I just go with the flow."

"The flow" that includes numerous eating records can add trading cards into the blender. Just another achievement for the humble kid from V-Town.

"Topps called me back in January and wanted to know if I'd be willing to be on a card," Chestnut said.

After accepting the fee, he signed and returned 400 cards.

"I don't know how many they're making. I think it's in limited production," Chestnut said.

Because his uncle owned a memorabilia shop when Chestnut was a kid, "I've always had plenty of trading cards," he said.

Of course, Chestnut noted, "I never thought I would be on one. It's so different."

Chestnut didn't know the precise reason behind the marketing of his mug, but believed it was because he "brought back the title to America" after beating Japan's Takeru Kobayashi in the Nathan's hot dog eating contest last July.