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Friday, October 17, 2008

Election Should Be Put Off Until All ACORN Registries are Cleared by Courts
The Nov. Presidential Election should be put off until all Acorn registered voters are cleared up by the Board of Elections and the courts both on the state level and Supreme Court. No candidate wants a fiasco the likes of the Bush -Gore "hanging chads'' that linger on for weeks , better to have it put to rest before the election. Regardless of the outcome ACORN should loose its accreditation and not be permit ed in the future to register any more voters.end

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stop Voter Fraud Now
There is no doubt in my mind that any and all voter registrations from ACORN should be thrown out and any absentee ballots should be made null and void, having said that what has to be done is a very simple thing, to make sure nobody votes twice.... mark their hands with a paint that wont wash off for 24 hrs , I saw them do this in all places Iraq and you know what its effective.The public deserves an honest election and no candidate wants a tainted win..end

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time To Make Everything You Got Liquid
Got stocks mutual funds , pension plan 4o1ks what ever paper you are holding make it liquid now, put it an insured savings account . You want to lose your money in the market , Il' tell you a quicker way , take your money to the toliet and flush , its quicker , its easier ...the bottom line is either way youll never see your money again,.We at Moses News Com we believe that a Water Gate type investigation is in order and by an independent counsel and jail time is in order as to who gave away the store , so to speak. ultimately we think that big oil is in root cause for the melt down of Wall St, the bail out give away is anther separate issue. Its also a good time to talk Nationalizing the oil companies who caused this economic havoc upon our nation ..end

U.S. Should Give Israel The Flyover Codes Now
The U.S. should give Israel the flyover codes now , to knock out the Iranian nuclear reactor and uranium enrichment facilities before the inauguration of the next President elect not to interfere with the upcoming, it should take place immediately after nov4h , so not to effect the vote. and any future commendation the UN should be squashed by The U.S and their allies..end

Sunday, October 05, 2008

U.S. Should Tell Arnold To Take Hike
To come with your hand out like supplicant, at this vulnerably time and juncture in U. S. politics is the ultimate chutzpah, Arnold because of your poor stewardship of California to even try to elicit any aid at this time to even attempt to put the candidates on the spot is an all time low in politics. I new this would happen as the , every schmuck and his brother now wants Uncle Sam to bail them out ,its sets the worst president, and to think that he Schwarzenegger wanted to over turn the law that one must be born in the U.S. to run for President,. this is just the beginning of the long soup line that is forming for a free lunch at Uncle Sams .

Friday, October 03, 2008

* Pictured Russian Siberian Work Camp''Internal Exile''
How Can We Change Congress?
The Pork laden Bills, Bailout for Wall Street Scoundrels. How can we ever stop this madness?. I feel that were setting a very expensive president by the recent actions of Congress.You can never vote everyone out of office at the same time , Its not the individual member . but the party behind them.Doesn't make a difference if its Democrat or Republican. Just think about it why does someone spend millions to be elected for a job that pays $169,300?
Perhaps the solution lies in what Abraham Lincoln did in the civil war, Suspend Habeas corpus''Congress has become a cash cow for the Rich lobbyist . could the president suspend habeas corpus and dissolve congress and start all over with all total new members ? sounds crazy,no more crazy than bailing out wall street with 700bn. In Russia political prisoners are sent to Siberia to internal exile , we should build such a facility here in the U.S.A, lets say in Alaska in the most frozen tundra . send our elective officials to a place like that when they violate the trust that the public elected them to.I was watching The movie pappion the Dustin Hoffman character wrote bad paper and was sentenced to life imprisonment at devils island here and today on wall street you float bad paper you get rewarded with a golden parachute.I remember Barry Goldwater was chastised for his quote '' extremism the defense of liberty is no vice'' many believe that quote lost him the election, I think it did. whats the answer. does anybody know. what is the legacy that we pass on to the next generation. a bankrupt government in a few years ?

U.N. Should Be Asked to Leave N.Y. and Find new Home Outside U.S.A.
The Unites Nations should be asked to leave N.Y. permanently. Only God knows How much drugs are brought in to this country under ''diplomatic pouch'', its got to be a hot bed for espionage activity it is a security nightmare when an animal like Amademinjade or Hugo Chavez come s to N.Y. for a visit not to mention the traffic tie up . we pay nearly all of the U.N. budget and they have no respect for us whatsoever,Let some other country have the pleasure of hosting them for the next 50 years

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Bailout Bill loaded with Pork Something is Not Kosher.
In nearly week since the bailout bill failed the 1st vote , the stock market hasn't collapsed and who directed , suggested or gave the nod to hire for 17 days of employment enabling FISHMAN to get a golden parachute of 20 million for the interim president of Wa HuBank , how can this be investigated honestly for the American taxpayer , by congress? by the administration?what influence peddling put this Fishman in his position for 17 days to receive 20 million dollars. people cant even sell there homes at this time to generate cash, and there no relief in this bill for them whatsoever . not to late to phone your representatives . We at Moses New..Com urge both candidates to vote a resounding no and set and example . McCain said I will veto any bill that has pork and let the public know and I will make them Famous who voted for it. The only thing that will collapse is be peoples wallets.

Put Putin in His Place ... Monroe Doctrine Must be upheld. A sea blockade may be necessary as well as U.S . Military jets scrambled not to let Russian planes land and get a foothold in Venezuela as The U.S.S.R did in Cuba in 1960 this is our hemisphere and the Monroe doctrine must be upheld . Hugo Chavez must not get the military hardware he wants, we seem to worry about being the worlds policeman, well this is our backyard . If the U. S. doesn't want to be thought of as a as a paper tiger and wants to garnish world respect this must be done , I know we went into Georgia with supplies and not to be a hypocrite and say that we engage in a double standard , not the case at all , but our founding fathers knew what they had to do so not to turn our hemisphere into another European or middle east war theater and we never had a war other then our war of Independence and 1812 on our soil by forign powers and unless we take this step, our sovereignty wont be worth the paper its written on.end

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Stop All Trade With China
Recently there was a plastic melamine that was being added to dog and cat food that was manufactured in China , now the same plastic is being added to chocolates coming from China along with not to long ago antifreeze added to toothpaste. the list of poisons and toxic s goes on and on and herein America we thought that MSG would kill us. Here is a country that hates us . votes against us at the U.N. all the time ., can't survive without our trade yet hates the U.S. . let me tell you something we no longer need them as a trading partner ,when you go to the dollar stores if it says made in China , don't buy it , there are many nations that will more than glad welcome U. S. business and not kill us with poisoned products.The North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico is an example , all products will be driven across the U.S. Mexican boarder tariff free , no overseas shipping costs involved and that should put an end to the unbalanced trade with China once and for all.end

Let Bailout Bill Be Presented as a Proposal by Referendum on Election Day
Send a message to your representatives to allow the bailout bill to be brought up on election day as a proposal on the ballot and let the American Electorate decide. If there was ever a time a bill should on the ballot it is now.I feel that if enough calls come in congress would be only to glad to sort of be off the hook for a final vote on this matter


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