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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Jewish Woman And The Mink Stole

Circa 1950's- to the the late 1960's Jewish woman of that era in America, Basically New York had to have a mink stole .
No self resepctingJewish Woman was without one..................
what were talking about is lower income Jewish woman whose husbands maybe brought
home $100 a week if they put in 10 hrs of overtime if they were lucky. Everything was sacaficed so that they can ware a mink stole , for example, maybe their children's denatl work. a summer vacation, a better apartment
everything had to go for a stole.the Jewish woman had to maybe ware it once a year to be seen and pretend ''wealthy
status''.and utter the words Who Ha,look at me who ha . that along with Mah Jong is a passing item in Jewish history, My own mother sacrificed getting braces for my buck teeth , it was more important for her to ware that stole once a year . maybe 3 times total in her life and utter at the top of her lungs Who Ha look at me .how sad , but every one of the lower income New York Jews ,Knows what I"m talking about.My mother passed away a few years back
and I found her mink stole , I gave it to my niece (granddaughter) she wares it on Halloween.little does she know or comprehend that that stole is a part of American Jewish History.

Monday, January 11, 2010


.Time To Shut The Water Off In Gaza...Enough is Enough

The Arabs aren't interested in peace, the only thing to do at this juncture in time is to shut the water...
off in Gaza and let the Arabs scrabble for the Egyptian and Jordanian borders,The world body will yell and scream at the U.N . for a week then its over , you can't have a country thats an armed camp forever ,and you got to nip theses riots in the bud once and for all , Shut the water off!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Pig With Dual Stomach Chamber Found In Indian Jungle In 1985(Technically Kosher)

In 1985 in a remote jungle in India a pig was foung with a dual stomach chamber and was a cud
Chewing animal, the Hebrew Bible says that to be kosher and animal must be cloven footed
have a dual chamber in its stomach. Deuteronomy (14:4-5)
swine are cloven footed( split at the hooves)Genetic engineering may be brought into play to
to produce kosher pork ,we at Moses news.com want to know, whould you eat meat from such an
animal if you normally keep Kosher?

See full size image

Monday, January 04, 2010


Egyptian Dictator Demands Jerusalem Be Put on The Auction Block

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarach Has demanded that Jerusalem be returned to Arab sovereignty as a condition of peace. The Arabs want all of Isreal , they would fight tooth and nail if Jewish Control was only one inch of land, what is needed is process with no ultimatums before hand. There isn't an Arab Country all 22 of them that is a democracy. The Palestinians had the West Bank and Gaza as part of a peace process and they started an uprising and threw it away. Until there is only one Palestinian voice and no various factions any final brokered peace should be on hold.If Jews are removed from the west bank as part of a deal Arabs must be relocated as well just as was done in India and Pakistan in the past.eventually that is the only solution, they have Mecca and Medina as well as 22 countries that comprise an area the size of the U.SA they already have enough, they will never be satisfied..end


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