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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Will The Bailout and Stimulas Money Program Cost Shumer His Seat?

Whether the Bailout and stimulus Program will cost many in congress their seat for voting the party line rather than their constituents wishes? Only time will tell, Senator Shumer being one of the architects of the Bailout program, may be vulnerable in an election.Demographics the way it is withpopulation shift among J ews . can Shumer capture his seat once more? Can a Jew be elected again at this juncture in time? right now the only growing Jewish population in N.Y. is among Chasidic and Russian Jews , will they put him over the top or vote in a direction not found in the Jewish Voting block of old?Can Shumer garner enough support from the non jewish Community for a win ? We at Moses News.Com Believe Shumer is a must for N,Y, State , if he looses his seat along goes the seniority and select committee that he chairs, N'Y can't afford a rookie senator this Junction of time, Moses news endorses Shumer for senator next run.end

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

U.S. Must Move It's Embassy To Jerusalem if the Democratic Party Wants The Jewish Vote In 2012

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In 1995 a U.S. law was passed recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and moving the U.S. from Tel Avivto Jerusalem , the ball is now in Obama's court, if the democratic party wants the Jewish vote and Jews have a great voting block , thou most Jews are registered democrat ,if you recall there was a great many who where Reagan Democrats, the Obama administrion must act now .There isnt a nationon earth that doesnt have their say as to where their capital is and so on their embassy , there is a double stahdard when it come to Isreal to not move the U.S.or any soverighn nations embassy to Jersusaelm is a slap in the face to Israel. The Arabs must and an not dictate as to where the U.S. embassy can be ...end

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Pollard Should Be Pardoned and Deported...
Jonathon Pollard is an embarrassment to American Jews, Not only he pass U.S. secrets to a foreign power , he was paid for it as well, having said that he made a plea bargain deal , where he was to receive a specific sentence . signed the plea bargain agreement, in so admitting guilt, it then was scraped by some say, correct me if I"m wrong by the pressure from then secretary of defense Casper Weinburger. who was a convert from Judaism and his motives were at the least suspect, some say Antisemitic as a former Jew. once Pollard had admitted guilt in the plea deal affidavit, his deal was scraped and he wasn't given a fair trial, but just sentenced guilty. make no mistake about it , but he served his time and should be paroled then deported , also U.S. Jews should make some sort of to noise to their various organization supporting Israel that American Jews want Isral to decease and disit in any future Spying on The U.S.as it is an and embarasment and counterproductive to American Jewish Interest. ...end

Jonathan Pollard: NewInformation Revealed

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Thursday, December 17, 2009


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Can A Jew Be Elected U.S. President?
Is the Jewish voting block diminishing because of A population shift? Is intermarriage taking its toll .and subsequence there are less Jewish voters? Is A rising Antisemitic attitude prevailing and rearing its ugly head? Is immigration to The U.S. bringing more Moslems and groups that are at odds with Jewish political view? it is the belief at Moses news .com that all these factors are at work,some sort of Jewish education is badly needed to the Jewish population today, Synagogues must bring down the cost of memberships , Rabbis must take pay cuts so that the congregation can have a dues payment they can afford. If Jewish population figures plummets in the next census it may spell doom for a Jew to be on a national ticket. thou the Jewish population are miss counted due to the fact that most Jews are unaffiliated and not directly asked on the census form , there is a misleading as to actually what the Jewish Population actually is , From a period in time from 1870 to 1918 most immigration to the U.S. A. was from eastern Europe by Jews exiting from the Pogroms, Thou Italy has the Highest overall nation of Immigrants to the U.S. A. from those dates, Jews came from many countries making their numbers higher, this is a very serius matter that must be addressed...end
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No Slap on The Wrist For Menorah Vandalism*Click to enlarge

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It only happens to often , Giant menorah Vandalism . many locations have security cameras in place , but this is a very serious matter that shouldn't be overlooked , The more vandals and Anti Semites that are brought to justice the less it will be happening in future times. Every year th is happens ,to many time s those responsible get a slap on the wrist, hard jail time is in order to make an example and put an end to this problem for good...end

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Israel flag
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Jewish Settlers responsible for fire on Mosques must be caught and prosecuted, we at Moses News Com Agree with the Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi, Moses News' position on the settlements is that they must stay in any final agreement that is reached , you can't subsidized and encourage Jews to move into the settlements and then uproot them as was done in The Gaza Strip. If this is the case that Jews can't reside in (future possible) Arab Controlled territory, or State , then there must be a movement to remove the Arabs from Israel as the Late Rabbi Kahane advocated. a Jew should be able to live anywhere on Earth, Having said that those settlers involved in the torching of the Mosque must be made an example of and brought to trial and punished to the full extent of the law no question about it , this is not what Jews should be involved in any shape or form..end

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Zhychicks Speaks On Moses' Retirement.... He Reached The Promised Land!*Shut Music off on top of Page

Monday, December 14, 2009


It's Official I'm Retirering From Competitive Eating , I'm Going Out a Winner!... Don Lerman
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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Monday, November 23, 2009

Zans 5th Annual National Potato Latke Eating Championship will take place in Lake Grove New York. The event will begin at 1:00 PM

Jewish Competitive Eaters Hungry for Latke Eating Title

Zans Delihome_winwithlerman.jpg

Zans National Potato Latke Eating Championship to be held December 13th, 2009
*To All my fans I will be there competing, people say Don , your a hall of famer,a legend your 60 yrs old you have nothing to prove , why do you bust your back , why not take it easy, I say what Joe Demaggio once said '' Maybe someone is watching me for the first time''I'm going all out and give 110% at Zans Deli's Latke Contest. I'm not going just to tip my hat and wave to the crowd... I'm going for the win!

video Arnie Chapmans Predictions:
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1. Gabe The Big Jewish Guy Kassel 36 withdrew

2. Tiny Tim Rauscheder 34

3. Paul Pork Slap Arcaria 32

4. Don Moses Lerman 31

3. Joel The Cannon Podelsky 29 Good Luck To All Competing!

4. Chris The American Sclesinger 28

5. Matt The Big Empty Klan 27withdrew

6. Mike The Real Skinny Hoffman 24

7. Elsie The Bacon Bandit Rosenberg 16

8. Adam Real Deal Rattner 15

9. Joey Kosher Cuisine Levine

Thursday, December 03, 2009


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