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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Caneing To Good For Animal That Shot up Synagogue

Anyone who Desecrates of House of Worship , Its congregation its Parishioners . Steals from it either Cash or sacred Items , Canning is to good for them . This ranks as an all time lack of decency and the biggest of a hate crimes it don't get lower then this,Plain and simple new laws have to be legislated to deal with this , if the laws where stiff such as caneing for people would do harm to houses of worship, they would think twice before they do mishap at a Temple or Church These are animals and should be treated as such..End

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


King Abdullah Of Jordon Walks a Dangerous Tight Rope

King Abdullah of Jordon has admonished Israel for radicals on Temple Mount.Jordon which has Population: 6,198,677 of that number 65% Palestinian, had no where to go with this subject but a rebuke to Israeli ambassador this week , The editor at Moses news Believes that the closeness Israel enjoyed with his Father the late King Hussein doesn't exists today has to know that he is walking tight rope and is sitting on a powder keg .a time bomb of crazies and radicals in his country that he has to quell. Having said that it must be reminded that when Jordon controlled The west bank Jewish Places of worship where off limits to Jews , Thou new treaties now cover the . right of non Jewish Population to have access to places of worship we at Moses news .com say that the next time rocks rain down from Temple Mount onto the Western Wall Its time to shut down al-Aqsa Mosque permanently. For Time being WE think the Chief Rabbis should for time being forbid praying at Temple Mount at at this juncture in time to keep the peace..end

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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Was Israel Caught its with it Pants Down? Spy Issue Big Embarrassment To American Jews, Read on...Stewart David Nozette, the former NASA scientist who was arrested for offering to pass along classified information to an FBI agent posing as an Israeli intelligence officer
Its not exactly clear what was his goal , if any was was it money? was it loyalty? either way if these charges are correct , its a big Embbarcement for American Jews . at this juncter in time where Jewish Demographics are changing fast , can this issue be pivotal in electing a pro Israel or Jewish Senator? At this point its not a court resolved issue ,but if the Charges are correct , then its high time that every American Jewish organization from the likes of ORT and Deborah to each and every Rabbinical Group , must sit down with Israeli officials and lay down the law to them. American Jews must not bear the brunt of this fiacso if its proves correct .Perhaps theres more to meets the eye to this story..end

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Chow Chow Cup Circa 1960 N.Y.C.231390_chowchow.

Circa 1960 N.Y.C. My cousin had a fleet of Chow Chow cup trucks in which he sold Chinese food off of . not pints and quarts. but in an edible bowl ,containing Chow mein, egg rolls etc. The buisness faded with the perliferation of Chineese take outs in the 1960's.I think in todays market it can fly once more, he owned the Chow chow cup outright built up routes and sold them in the metropolitan N.Y. and near upstate area of N.Y., .End

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Don Lerman Appears in ''Jewish Week''
By Staff Writer...
Liel Leibovitz

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Don Lerman Honors Moses With Nickname....

Don Lerman's Aunt Rhoda gave Don Lerman The nickname''Moses'' back in 1981, after he grew a full beard, Don Says he likes the moniker after all Moses was the most beloved , respected individual in the Hebrew Bible .The deliverer , the lawgiver.Seen above is Don Lerman dressed as Moses with his nephew and Neiece Carrying the golden calf at the Philly wingbowl back in 2oo3, Don Lerman paraded around the arena at the Wakovia center in Philadephia Pa.before some 35,000 screaming fans, Don has virtually dropped his name Don for Moses to his friends, Don Moses Lerman 's biography can be seen on DonMoseLerman.com as well a on Moses news.com. be well ....Moses Lerman


Who Makes The Better ''Moses''?

Don Lerman seen with his idol Chuck Heston

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Its Time For Obama To Reel In The U.N. And Turkey...For the U.N to call for war crime trials for Israel like that of the Nuremberg trial is beyond any form of decency and for Turkey to ignore NATO drills for some sort of alliance with Syria is equally out of order & must be addressed now . either behind the scenes or by public acclamation so strong as to put them in their place . if its not done and in the most strong language ever by this administrator then we know that their not a friend to Israel as administration past and not in their corner

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Exodus of Jews From N.Y. ..Hasidic & Russian Jews Increases
http://donmoseslerman.com/mosesnews/mosesnews/2007_02_01_archive.htmlLag Baomer pilgrims , meron , israel stock photo
Jewish demographics are decreasing in N.Y. state as Jews make a quick exit to parts unknown.
Jew are moving to the Carolinas and South Florida North of Monroe, Dade, and Broward
Counties to Palm. Beach County. At one time from a period from 1976 - 1998 Jews
comprises half of the population in South Florida on the east coast from Miami Beach to West.
Palm Beach., the Condos boasted better than 90% Jewish population,now the demographics
have changed and the area in South Florida is now comprised of people Hispanic and Caribbean
background. The gap in age between retired Jews and their children which were20-30 yrs
made it so that they didn't follow their parents and move into that area since they weren't retired.
whether another Jewish Senator from N.Y. state can ne elected .remains unclear. How much
of the Hasidim population will vote for a non Hasid or Secular Jews is up in the air and what about
the Russian Jews are many registered to vote at all ? Census numbers are inacurate as only
one in ten census forms asks for your religion and Synogues whrn aske donly have data on
affiliated Jews who are members so the statisticsare not true as to the accentual Jewish total .

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New Wave( No Pun Intened)of Barbers From Former U.S.S.R. Best in U.S.A.
noticed that in the last 15 years the barbers were speaking Russian , looked middle eastern and closed their shop on Rosh Hashana. They are Jewish barbers from the former soviet union , from countries such as Azerbaijan, Bochara. They have technique that's about the best I"V seen in my60 yrs.. even the discount barber shops their skill is unbelievable, the best haircut around.I personally go to one in my neighborhood & joke around and ask for ''Jewish Style'' and Ralph the barber laughs, and I get my haircut ( every 2 weeks ) where were they when I was growing up, I suspect that if they were around in the late sixties we may not have a Hippy era and revolt on geting haircuts.end

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Druze : Israel shouldhould have Created Them a homeland in Lebanon when they the Chance
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You don't hear to more or anything in the Americam Press these days about the Druze. Whats their status in the negotiations visa vie the Palestinians? A group who prefer to be called Druze rather than Muslims , is actually an off shoot of Islam in the same way the Mormons Usually refer to to themselves as Mormons than Christians. They served int he Jewish states war of Independence along side oft heir Jewish counterparts and continue to serve thou draftee in the Israeli Army today. They maintain there own courts in many matters ,and more than bone so to speak should been thrown to them when Israel was in Lebanon, a state or some sort or autonomous region should have been pushed for .not to late .

Sunday, October 04, 2009

West Bank: Israeli Settlements
Jewish Settlements Must Stay At All Costs
If There is ever a give back of the West Bank in any capacity, the Jewish settlements must stay. why can an Arab live any where in Israel yet Jews are not permitted residency in Arab nations , these settlements must not be plowed over and handed over regardless of The U.S. or World outcry, they must be increased each and time the world nations chime in against Israel and not frozen , and be off the table for any future talks look whats going on in Gaza, any summit held by the U.S must not be a rerun of the Camp David talks where Jimmy Carter clearly sided with Sadat. apparently the American Jewish voting block takes a back seat to Arab thought in this matter, how sad that the U.S is taking an appeasement stance on this matter..end

Friday, October 02, 2009

Turkey a Sleeping Giant, Key To Middle East PeaceTURKEY WITH A LARGE POPULATION of 71,ooo,ooo and growing, not including former Soviet Union Nations such as , Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan represent a major hurdling block that must not be taken lightly with its large standing army double that of Great Britain must be fully accepted by the European union and maintain a place of high honor in NATO. Turkey now maintains a major water pipeline that delivers water to Israel Egypt Syria Lebanon , it is estimated that Israel receives 10%of its water from the pipeline , we at Moses news fell that number is higher much higher , and that the entire middle east is totally Dependant or will be on Turkish water by 30 years from now, according to engineers and statical data reports that with the growing imagration to Israel and neighboring countries in 30 years the entire region will lbe dry without the Turkish Pipeline and desalinization of the Mediterranean is not possible due to navigation needs . In other words The west must patronize Turkey and watch closely what political climate in that country stays U.S. friendly ...end.


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