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Monday, November 24, 2008


Don" Moses" Lerman strives to break Guinness Record for World's Fattest Man

At a current weight of 758lbs, all of Don Lerman's fans have been
mailing him food & buffet gift certificates to help him reach his goal
of 1075lbs. A high profile Fork Lift company has already agreed to
sponsor Don when he hits the record weight to crane him out of the
house into the street of all his cheering fans. An X has already been
earmarked on his bedroom wall to blast through when the joyous day
finally comes. To find out more info on how to send frozen steaks,
gift cards, or food to the Don Lerman Mission to 1075lbs, please send
an email to DonMosesLerman@Gmail.com. All participants in the Lerman
Drive for Personal Hunger will be named on the site as contributors to
the Guinness Record.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Thursday, November 13, 2008

* Pictured Russian Siberian Work Camp''Internal Exile''
How Can We Change Congress?
The Pork laden Bills, Bailout for Wall Street Scoundrels. How can we ever stop this madness?. I feel that were setting a very expensive president by the recent actions of Congress.You can never vote everyone out of office at the same time , Its not the individual member . but the party behind them.Doesn't make a difference if its Democrat or Republican. Just think about it why does someone spend millions to be elected for a job that pays $169,300?
Perhaps the solution lies in what Abraham Lincoln did in the civil war, Suspend Habeas corpus''Congress has become a cash cow for the Rich lobbyist . could the president suspend habeas corpus and dissolve congress and start all over with all total new members ? sounds crazy,no more crazy than bailing out wall street with 700bn. In Russia political prisoners are sent to Siberia to internal exile , we should build such a facility here in the U.S.A, lets say in Alaska in the most frozen tundra . send our elective officials to a place like that when they violate the trust that the public elected them to.I was watching The movie pappion the Dustin Hoffman character wrote bad paper and was sentenced to life imprisonment at devils island here and today on wall street you float bad paper you get rewarded with a golden parachute.I remember Barry Goldwater was chastised for his quote '' extremism the defense of liberty is no vice'' many believe that quote lost him the election, I think it did. whats the answer. does anybody know. what is the legacy that we pass on to the next generation. a bankrupt government in a few years ?

Paulson Lies Congress Lies Who Can You Trust?
The bailout money was supposed to be used for something now the mission is reversed(,originally intended to buy up bad mortgages) an unapologetic sectary of Treasury says he has no regrets about the changing the intent of the Bailout money. congress is hurrying pushing another bailout bill for Gm . We at Moses news .com feel that a lame duck administration should not be so quick with their pen on signing off on bailouts at a time when new President will inherit a financial mess . Where are they

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Time To Start Burning Dirty Coal
The U. S. has more coal than Saudi Arabia has oil , unlike the present and incoming administrations opinion that its alright to bail out the auto industry so not to have the auto worker lose their jobs it seems o.k with them that coal workers lose their livelihood. Plain and simple burn dirty coal , it was being burnt from ancient times and it didn't effect us . the oil companies already crippled our economy , took everyone's cushion of comfortably away as we watch our savings get smaller and caused wall St. to takea dump and a worthless bailout at taxpayers expense, time to burn dirty coal.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

No More Handouts By Congress!Gm wants an additional 2.5 billion handout , when will this insanity end , where is the money coming from , where in the budget do we have this much doe. To make it palitable Congress wants to pass another stimulus pkg for a measly $300 per person . that's not even enough for a root canal, what Congress should spend this money on is a comprehensive full dental policy across the board for all citizens , Write or call your representative and say no to this bailout , did the wall st bailout help the market , it plummets downward everyday . enough is enough


2 Months ago A hot mike picked up Jesse Jackson saying I'd like to cut his balls off today he sheds tears, how ironic

Monday, November 03, 2008

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain


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