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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ed "Cookie"" Jarvis Reaches 399lbs
Ed Jarvis who was once weighed as much as 550lbs has reached a milestone of 399 lbs and still continues to loose as we speak. Ed jarvis who calls me on his way to the Gym each morning, has a rigid diet and exercise regiment and will hit perhaps 299 by July 4th . kevin Lipsitz and Don Lerman are also in a weight losing mode . Lerman says By April; 19th of this year he should reach 210 , stay tuned for more updates ..end

Cami Turns 7 Yrs old March 23rd

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is CE A Sport? Whats Your take ?, We at Moses News .Com Would Like To Know


11 Things: Sport, not a sport ...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1. Basketball: The March Madness college basketball tournament is the sporting event by which all other sporting events must be measured.

Ruling: Of course it's a sport

2. Mixed martial arts: Do you want to be the one to tell Rashad Evans that this isn't a sport? Sorry, boxing, but MMA is just as strategic, more exciting and there's no Don King.

Ruling: Sport

3. NASCAR: We were against calling this a sport several years ago - before finding out that a few of the tracks, including the one near Sonoma, allow left- and right-hand turns.

Ruling: Sport (barely)

4. World's Strongest Man Competition: There are few events that we'd rather watch on a lazy weekend. And the feats of strength are impressive. But the events (throwing kegs backward over a wall?) are ridiculous.

Ruling: Not a sport

5. Paintball: The better people get at paintball, the less they run around and the more boring it becomes. If this is a sport, then so is playing Nintendo.

Ruling: Not a sport

6. Frolf: Frisbee golf is cool, but any activity that morbidly obese people and 7-year-olds can play with great amounts of skill doesn't make the list.

Ruling: Not a sport

7. Roller derby: Little-known fact: If you stare in a mirror and say "roller derby is not a sport" five times, the ghost of Ann Calvello will appear and bodycheck you into the rail.

Ruling: Sport

8. Competitive eating: Who watches this? Watching guys eat dozens of hot dogs is self-mutilation with spectators.

Ruling: Not a sport

9. Sumo wrestling: Forget what we said in the frolf entry. Sumo may be the best sport ever.

Ruling: Sport

10. Parkour: If this is a sport, then half of the criminals on "Cops" are elite athletes. As much as we love the opening sequence in "Casino Royale" ...

Ruling: Not a sport

11. Red Rover: Not sure why no one has started a professional league for this classic game, where children try to run through lines of other children. This is the best sport that no one is playing.

Ruling: Sport

- Peter Hartlaub, phartlaub@sfchronicle.com

http://www.naturalpetpantry.us/dogord.html  The Shank Bowl ....Read on ... 


Forget the Wing Bowl -- It's Shank Bowl Season


Updated 6:30 PM EDT, Tue, Mar 24, 2009

Related Topics: Jewish National Fund 

Getty Images

Gluttony and charity will share the stage at the Shank Bowl.


After Wednesday night there will be more than one wing-eating champ in Philly.

Wednesday night the Jewish National Fund will crown two wing-eating champions at the first-ever "Shank Bowl."

What's the Shank Bowl?

"Think Passover-style Wing Bowl," said Rachel Baum with JNF.

The charity event will feature plenty of kosher (of course) wings from Max and David's Kosher Restaurant in Elkins Park, Pa. and drinks from Cicione Beverage in South Philly.

To keep things fair there will be a separate men's and women's champion crowned. Whoever eats the most wings will go home with not only the title of Shank Bowl Champion but also a grand prize of $118.

Entry to the eating competition is closed but that doesn't mean you can't join in the fun.

The event will also feature free beer and raffles for those not participating.

The event costs $10 to get in with proceeds going to JNF's Operation Security Blanket: Southern Israel. The money raised will help improve the lives of the residents of the Israeli town of Sderot, a Gaza border town.

Think of it as a way to eat your way to a mitzvah, said JNF. (A mitzvah is a good deed in Judaism.)

Here are all the details:
When: Wednesday March 25 from 6 to 9 p.m.
Where: 2100 Arch Street, Center City, Philadelphia

Click here for more information on Operation Security Blanket.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Don Lerman Looks To Be Asked To Be a Judge At Nathans 4th of July Contest
Don Lerman who will go under the knife for his final stage of dental implants on April 22nd of this year, will have a full set of new teeth by july 4th , doesn't yet know if he will ever have the speed of yesteryear and capacity, that remains to be seen , but for the meanwhile would like to be asked to participate as A Judge on July 4th.Lerman says that he would be a good candidate for judge and possible commissioner should the opportunity arise in the future and hopes to be 170 lbs by July 4th this year.end

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Word From The Editor
This is Don lerman speaking due to human error beyond my control my sites were taken down , we at moses news.Com And DonMoses Lerman.Com have rectified the matter, I would also like to take this time to extend an apology to my readership for the lack of up dates , that was caused by my ill health , we at Moses news.com will get the updates up to speed shortly ...Thank you for your patients and support..Don Lerman


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