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Friday, January 30, 2009

Philly Wing Bowl winner
Jon''Super'' Squibb
203 wings
Jon “Super” Squibb - 203 wings - his facebook page
Not Rich 180
Hank the Tank 153
Da Disposal 153
Cadillac Corrigan 132

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here are Some Photos Of Me As I Start My Diet ....Don Lerman 246lbs


New Star on Food Network... why are professional and retired professional eaters being overlooked for starring spots on T.V. shows?
Unknown Adam Gertler lands top spot on new T. V. Show ,will air segment along side competitive eater having pizza, if you are an competitive eater or retired CE we at Moses News .com would like to hear from your and get your take on the matter, feel free to post

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Preview to the WingBowl
               WING BOWL 17 EATER LIST

1)Nick Ventresca
Southampton, Pa
Chicken Caesar
Height: 5`9
Weight: 240 lbs
4 Pilgrim Pub Sandwiches in
15 minutes
2) Michael Berger
Palmyra NJ
The Eating Machine
Height: 5`9
Weight: 185
32oz of Mayo in 1min 50secs
3) Larry Norris
Woodbury NJ
Below Me
Height: 5`11
Weight: 160
5lbs of Cooked Bacon in
8 minutes
4) Steven Mangini
South Philadelphia
The Gavone
Height: 6`2
Weight: 275 lbs
1lb box of P&S Ravioli in
3 minutes
5) Arnold Atkins
Sewell NJ
Arson Arnie
Height: 5`10
Weight: 200 lbs
40 Sausages in
4 minutes
6) Jonathon Squibb
Berlin NJ
Super Squibb
Height: 6`4
Weight: 215 lbs
6lbs of Cottage Cheese in
3 minutes
7) John Tiska
South Philadelphia
Stormin Norman
Height: 6`4
Weight: 280 lbs
1 16`Pizza in
7 minutes
8) Waleed Yousef
Jenkintown, PA
Baby Walley
Height: 5`9
Weight: 165
5 WaWa wraps in 3 minutes
9) Richard Sounders
Drexel Hill
TheCheesecake Beefcake
Height: 5`7
Weight: 168 lbs
1 Frozen Cheesecake in
5 minutes
10) David Spector
Bellmawr NJ
The Acidic Jew
Height: 5`10
Weight: 300 lbs
10 Whole Lemons while playing Sax in
5 minutes
11) Nick Beam
Blackwood NJ
Pot Pie the Sailor Man
Height: 5`10
Weight: 290 lbs
2 Clancy`s Pot Pies in
2 minutes 30 secs
12) James Waxman Jr
King of Prussia
Glutieus Waximus
Height: 5`10
Weight: 280 lbs
5 Double Cheeseburgers in
3 minutes
13) Nick Kehler
Glassboro, NJ
Nick Papagorgio
Height: 5`8
Weight: 285 lbs
Wing Off 1
PJ's Haddonfield
46 Wings
14) Brian Corrigan
Rockledge, PA
Cadillac Corrigan
Height: 6`4
Weight: 310 lbs
Wing Off 2
Paddy Whacks
56 Wings
15) Joe Paul
Bellmawr NJ
Tollman Joe
Height: 6`3
Weight: 372 lbs
Only Amateur to beat El Wingador- Wing Bowl 8 Champion
16) Rick Russo
Royersford, PA
Rick the Manager
Height: 5`10
Weight: 230 lbs
4ft of Sushi in 2 minutes
17) Michael Casciano
Kutztown, PA
The Caveman
Height: 6’1
Weight: 270 lbs
Wing Off 3
Slack`s Hoagie Shack
54 Wings
18)Frank Farrell
Washington Twp., NJ
Frank De Fraud
Height: 6`1
Weight: 260
Wing Off 4
PJ Whelihans
28 large wings
19)Dan Trainor
Lincoln University, PA
Dan the Prop
Height: 6`1
Weight: 225
Wing Off 5- Barnaby`s
59 Wings
20)Richard Waertz
Philadelphia Police
Officer Beast
Height: 6`2
Weight: 250 lbs
2 Jelly Doughnuts & a cup of coffee
21) Doug Petock
Valley Forge, PA
Obi Wing
Height: 6`2
Weight: 250 lbs
Melons with skin and rinds while being punched
22) Daniel Carpino
South Philadelphia
The Big Bambino
Height: 6`1
Weight: 380 lbs
24 Ravioli in 3 minutes
23) Don James
Woolwich, NJ
Da Disposal
Height: 5`9
Weight: 340
Wing Off 6- McStew`s
50 Wings
24) Jerry Coughlan
Clifton Heights, PA
Gentleman Jerry
Height: 6’2
Weight: 375 lbs
6 Jelly Doughnuts in 2 minutes
25) Henry Goldey
South-West Philly
Hank the Tank
Height: 6`1
Weight: 320 lbs
Studio Wing Off Winner- 27 Wings
26) Richard Razzi
Schwenksville, PA
Not Rich
Height: 6’0,
Weight: 220 lbs
Wing Off 7- Trappe- 70 Wings
27) Doug Canavin
Fishtown, PA
Damaging Doug
Height: 6’2
Weight: 504 lbs
5 sliders in 5 minutes

Eric "'Badlands '' Booker To Get In Shape!
Eric ''Badlands''Booker will join the ranks of Ed Jarvis and Moses Lerman so to speak to shed . the lbs' I personally wish him god speed with his diet regiment , I know what he's going threw. I'm eating only 1000calories a day My goal is 210lbs by my 60th birthday this april.....good luck Eric..end


Many great eateries Ruined By Roaches... all restuarants are required to show some sort of regular extermination , here are some tales of the worst cases that I've incountered in my lifetime . Ninos Italain resturant at Newlots ave East New York circa 1966. the roaches roamed free , Ninos was a great place at one timedoulble veal cutlet $1,50 my father loved the joint untill he saw the roaches walking heltler skellter all over the walls.Dragon palace chinese buffet old country Rd. westbury circa 1990 raoaches walked right onthe table.Hunam place levittown n.y.was the worst place in history , circa 1976 (according to exterminaters I'V talked to (most food places will have plain white walls inorder to spot a roach and never will have tiled floors with dots , cause someday one of the spots may move '' eek a mouse''),I grew up with roaches having lived inapartments , my shoes had many notches on for all that I smashed against thr walls , it was like sport after a while , every resturant will use a garniboquet ( small cheese cloth bag to put raisons and spices in there soups and souces so to be able to see a bug quickly. In the coming instalements I will list current eateries whohave roaches in the N.y. area...end

Thank You For Not Smoking!

No Smoking Allowed in this Restaurant!
If you light up a cigarette in a restaurant , not only will they throw you out but proberly call the cops as well and you'll either be carted away or receive a hefty fine or both , but the shame of it is that you can sit there and fart and they can't do a thing to you, yes its true smoking is outlawed farting is acceptable in your favorite eatery. I was recently in a Ti restaurant sitting in the next to last booth, when all of a sudden someone in the booth behind me let one rip, it ruined my meal . I would preferred to have someone smoking a big white owl and there was nothing the waiter could do , also the in justice in the world you can spit on the subway platform and get a $350fine but if you puke you get no fine at all. My suggestion s always carry a can of freshener spray with you. at the end of the meal I discovered it was the waiter who was letting them loose , cutting the cheese not another patron. End Of story he got skwat for a tip which he should have made in the men's room to begin with..end .

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The Story Behind The Name Zhychick
Ever wonder where I conjured up the name Zhychick?, well here it is....
On or about 1960 my grandparents Harry & Jennie Lerman moved from Bensonhusrt Brooklyn to a city project in Brownsville Brooklyn into a bldg. primarily for senor citizens. Mr. and Mrs. Zhychick ( real names) had already been there for several months prior to my grandparents arrival. The Zhychicks had many friends ,and all of them used to hang out in Zhychicks appartment. for some reason unbeknown to me my grandparents didn't care for the Zhychicks and started to invited the all the senor citizens that once congregated in Zhychicks apartment to his , but without Mr. & Mrs. Zhychick. this infuriated Old man Zhychick and he made a call to the housing authority saying he sees many men and women constantly going in and out of Harry Lermans flat, and he believes that they are running a whoahouse, (Brooklyn pronunciation (meaning brothel) in there. The Housing Authority sent the police to my Grandparents flat only to see elderly foreign Jewish people singing and having coffee, Zhychick was now prosona non Grata among all the senor citizens. I remember the shouting matches between Mr. Zhickick and my Grandfather .Pimpavota (pimp)Nafka cordvva ( whoa) Zhychick would scream in Yiddish at the top of his lungs every time he saw my grandparents , well that's the story of the name Zhychick . I really don't know why I chose that name for
one of my character other than I found the name amusing ..end

My Last Attempt At The Wing Bowl Trying to Get in To The Wachovia Center
I put up this snapshot of the Berlin wall , because trying to get into the Wachovia center on wing bowl day was harder than getting into west Berlin from east Berlin visa vi the Berlin wall. My name was omitted from the list of contestants I was walking with a boot cast on and a cane in sub frigid weather having a broken foot, my nephew and niece who I flown in from out of town was with me we and had driven around for 2 hrs, when they said that I better attempt to get in by the fence on my own or I'll miss my contest. Having saw many documentaries on the Berlin wall I managed to make it in , However my onterage who I flew in and put up in a hotel never made it in on time. it was because of that that I was exhausted and didn't perform well .end

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Don Lerman Starts Diet ... Vows under 200 lbs. By July 4th
I Know you heard it before , but this time
Don Lerman is confident that he'll shed the pounds, ''My health is in jeopardy,And I worry about diabetes' Don says he go from a 50 waist from 40 and x large shirt to a medium. and will go from 253 to under 200lbs..end* WHILE YOUR HEAR ENJOY THE ARCHIVES !

Friday, January 23, 2009


In the lull between contests I figured that I'd just put this picture up for now and relate this story, I remember my mother saying that she can beat anyone at eating hot peppers, not quantity but who can eat the hottest pepper , She braged this to a friend of mine who told him that his brother made the same boast and someone gave him a Canadian pepper ( the small pepper used to heat up a barrel of milder peppers to get the rest of the barrel hot) and it arrested his breathing and they had to do a tracheotomy on him , no tale , but a true story eventually this same person that had the tracheotomy had the worst case of hemorrhoids from eating peppers and had to have a plastic anus installed in him , no joke also true . so lets just stick to the good old Jalapeño pepper and stay away from the Canadian pepper...end


Are Locals Chasing Away Professional Eaters?
Do The high numbers from professional eaters turn off the locals or is it just that they are viewd as '' sort of a carpetbagger? eat feats.com reports that there is a posssiblity that theLaredo Jalpeno contest may be closed to out of towners ,first the Wingbowl now this whats your take let us at moses news .com know


WO HOP RESTAURANT inspected: 14 violation points Filthy, I won't Eat There

Summary: WO HOP RESTAURANT was inspected on September 13, 2006, and 4 violations were cited, resulting in 14 violation points. Because the restaurant received fewer than 28 violation points, a follow-up inspection was not required. Read more about what this means.

Restaurant inspection details

Inspection date September 13, 2006
Restaurant name WO HOP RESTAURANT
Phone 212-566-3841
Violation points 14
Violations Not vermin-proof

Facility not vermin proof. Harborage or conditions conducive to vermin exist.

Improper use of utensil

Sanitized equipment or utensil, including in-use food dispensing utensil, improperly used or stored.

Flying insects

Evidence of flying insects or live flying insects present in facility's food and/or non-food areas.


Evidence of roaches or live roaches present in facility's food and/or non-food areas.

Followup inspection required No


E. Hampton man fights to keep giant hot dog

Rian White, who has a 6-foot-tall smiling hot dog in his backyard, became convinced the Town of East Hampton was after him last year, after he was served with a half dozen summonses for littering, failing to have a certificate of occupancy for his makeshift shed and having an illegal sign.

His belief turned to certainty in October, he said, when the town sent a work crew to his yard in Springs, which was filled with years of accumulated collectibles. The crew came complete with a garbage truck and a big Dumpster, and gave him a letter saying the clean-up costs would be added to his tax bill. "They had hazmat suits on," he said. Town law gave the town the authority to clean up his property, although workers left his stuff alone.

But what really pushed him over the edge was what happened when a jury was being picked a week ago to hear his littering case. "The supervisor's wife and daughter were in the jury pool," White said.

Lynn Ryan, deputy to East Hampton supervisor William McGintee, confirmed that the supervisor's wife and daughter were indeed in the jury pool, but said it was a complete coincidence. "They were dismissed. It was an obvious conflict of interest," she said

Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


As Reported In Today's N.Y. Post January 20, 2009, 4:55 pm

Nathan’s Says Its Coney Island Flagship Will Stay Put

Coney IslandA rendering of the city’s plans for Coney Island, showing the Boardwalk looking east toward the 27-acre entertainment and amusement district. Nathan’s Famous, the historic hot dog restaurant, will stay in its current location. (Image: New York City Department of City Planning)

Nathan’s Famous, the hot dog stand by the sea, is not going anywhere, the company says.

Reacting to newspaper reports that suggested that the city’s revival of Coney Island could mean the end of the hot dog stand, the chief executive of Nathan’s Famous, Eric Gatoff, released a statement on Tuesday saying “we fully intend to maintain our historic flagship restaurant” at the corner of Surf and Stillwell Avenues in Coney Island.

The rumors about the end of Nathan’s stemmed from a draft environmental impact statement released by the city on Friday. The report, referring to “impacts” of the rezoning of Coney Island, states that Nathan’s Famous “is assumed to be replaced under the proposed actions with a new building containing hotel, amusement, retail and enhancing uses.”

But city officials and Mr. Gatoff said that the language in the report, which refers to a worst-case projection, had been misinterpreted. Nathan’s Famous owns its building on Surf Avenue, and though the proposed rezoning would allow far more lucrative uses for the land — like the building of a hotel or a theater — Nathan’s can do with the spot as it pleases (though it does raise the seemingly unusual possibility of a hot dog stand in the ground floor of a hotel).

Mr. Gatoff said: “There is no intention to replace or demolish our flagship location. In fact, the Coney Island Development Corporation’s own drawings of its intended redevelopment continue to show Nathan’s Famous in the same location on which it has stood for 93 years.”

Monday, January 19, 2009

Don Lerman in 2002 takes 1st place

Don Lerman Accepts Trophy

Don Lerman Accepts Jalapeno Pepper Trophy 2002

Don Lerman Speaks To The Crowd 2002
It seems like yesterday that I went to Laredo Texas and won 1st place in the jalapeno peppers, I was surprised to find a street named Jarvis street right at the local Chinese buffet down .The buffets are a fusion of Mexican and Chinese cooking, very unique and good food nearly every dish contained Jalapeno peppers, The contest coincides with Washington's birthday, There are 2 parks for the celebration , one with food exhibits and rides the other with beer sold dancing shows and the contest , that one has a separate admission, like the Nathans contests of old there were no qualifiers , you merely sign up earlier in the day for the contest, the contest itself starts while there's still day light and ends in darkness. A word to the wise on your stopover at Dallas airport you literally have to run to get your connecting flight( no exaggeration). Good luck to all competing


Be Smart Watch Moses News Daily!
Don Lerman a true pioneer in the sport of competitive eating, like the big bang theory that started the universe Don Lerman as Matzoh Ball champ crossing over to enter the Nathans hot dogs was the impetuous of the start of CE as a sport. The first eater to go out of state for a contest. Once entered every Nathans Qualifier in a season out of 10 contests won an impressive 7. Now retired has left a legacy of wins that will live forever in the annals of competitive eating.

Don Lerman in 2000
Ed Jarvis Today
Ed'' Cookie'' Jarvis on Diet , shooting for 275 by July
Don Lerman will start his diet on Feb.1 st as he has many dinner engagements on his calender this month and is shooting for 200 lbs. by July , currently he is at 255lbs ,the question is who will achieve their goal first Don lerman who was 142 lbs in 2000 has gained over 100lbs since then

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Greetings Fans From Don"Moses'' Lerman
In the next few weeks I will be reporting on the Wing Bowl and the Jalapeno Pepper Contest, my blog will have a slant on the table enders rather than the top ten eaters, I will be in attendance at many local events as to take pictures and report first hand on events , untill next time ..Don Lerman

Monday, January 12, 2009

Don Lerman's Back!

Don Lerman With Mayor Bloomberg

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Make No Mistake about it ...Don Lerman's Back
Good to be back to Competitive eating Blogging I will post a few old snap shots of days gone by in the next coming days ...thank you for you support and patients in the meanwhile enjoy the selected you-tubes on The live Moses mailbag

Ed Jarvis Has Had it With Don Lerman's Complaining!
Beautiful Brian With Don lerman
Badlands Booker With Don Lerman
!st Title Rally Don lerman Sets Bean Record 6lbs. In 1Min 46 sec
Beautiful Brian with Don lerman At Grape Contest
Krazy kevin Lipsitz ,Wayne Norbitz With Don ""Moses''Lerman
The 3 Amigos ,Don Lerman ,Ed Jarvis , and kevin Lipsitz

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Don Lerman Has Returned To Competitive Eating Reporting
Greeting Fans its been a while since I wrote about competitive eating forgive me if I'm a little rusty and unfamiliar with some past happenings Since I've last logged in on this site I underwent dental implant surgery, by May I will have a new set of teeth , gone will be the old yellow bugs bunny teeth of old AND hopefuly replaced with a great new set of choppers.
I want to thank all my fans for the warm reception back to the competitive eating fold among them Eric "Badlands'' Booker for their kind comments on my return. I will not and I repeat have no intention of returning the the competitive eating table as an eater , as I 'm  just am not in the shape I once was. thank you for now
..Don Lerman

Monday, January 05, 2009


Moses News.Com is Changing Back!
We at Moses News have changed our format . We will no longer will be reporting on politics and will return to reporting on competitve eating once more, we at moses news .com want to thank our loyal radership base for their support and patients as well as their input in helping us decide in this matter...Don ''Moses'' Lerman

This is Don Lerman speaking by popular demand and in keeping with my other web site Don'' Moses ''Lerman.Com I have come to a decision to return to reporting on competitive eating once again, being away from reporting on the competitive eating circuit for a while , it will take a while until I get up to speed, please be patient , thank you for your input in this matter...Don ''Moses'Lerman

Sunday, January 04, 2009

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