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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Last Jahns Ice Cream Parlour Standing In Jackson Heights Queens N.Y
*Enlarge to viewJahns Ice cream Parlour a familiar site in N.Y. 40 years ago , It's last place now in Jackson Heights still offers the famous kitchen sink! Jahns was the place to go for a birthday or after a movie at a movie theater , I always went there for my birthday for the free Sunday and after late night card game a they were open late till 2am on Fridays and Saturday nights .
This would be a great place for a challenge with some fellow eaters. I think all New Yorkers will remember Jahns. the Jahns near me in Levitown had become a single club and is now Dempseys grill , the one that I"m referring to had a roller skating rink attached to it in Levitttown on Hempstead turnpike for those who recall it ..end

I say YES for a contest!
Don, my two aunts on occasion would take me and my sister when we were little kids to Jahn's on church and flatbush around 1965 or 66.Afterwards they would treat us to a movie at either the kenmore rialto or astor theatre. I remember how huge the burgers were. You would have to pay a pretty penny nowadays to get a burger like that. The ice cream sundaes were trememdous . Glad that there is still one Jahn's left.
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