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Monday, January 14, 2008

Ed Krachie Criticizes Don Lerman As Mediocre Eater

On Bits and Pieces it was reported that Ed Krachie says that Don Lerman is a mediocre eater just in it for the publicity. I remember Krachie was given a bye at bens matzah ball contest in 2000 , he took all the pre contest publicity than on contest day was a no show. My last Nathans hot dog contest win I ate 22 hot dogs , my record speaks for itself all of my wins and accomplishments is greater than his in his competitive eating carer ,this is even a all time low for him , I never knocked an Eaters ability to this day. I still can beat krachie today if i wanted ...end

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He did compete in 2000 and ate 14 or 15 . It was 2001 when he walked off the bus and went home. This is some nerve for him to call you a mediocre eater when he hasnt competed in years.
I was there next to him on the stage in 2000 and on the bus in 2001 he may have been a champion on the field but not off the feild , In the past I had nothing but good comments about him but that will change...donlerman
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