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Wednesday, April 09, 2008



A French Quarter Festival Highlight is Back After Two Year Absence
NEW ORLEANS (March 20, 2008) – Acme Oyster House has announced that, after a two-year hiatus, the Acme World Oyster-Eating Championship will renew its proud tradition on Saturday, April 12th during French Quarter Festival. Spots to compete in the 8-minute all-you-can-eat contest filled up in minutes, and many of Major League Eating’s top-ranked gurgitators are expected in New Orleans for the event.

The early favorite is a mohawked chef from Chicago known as Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti, ranked 2nd in the world. Bertoletti has posted numerous astounding records, 21 pounds of grits in ten minutes among them. He also holds the endurance oyster eating record, having downed north of 50 dozen in 2007. Nipping at Bertoletti’s heels will be Crazy Legs Conti, best known for launching his eating career by winning the first Acme World Oyster Eating Championships in 2002. Baltimore’s Julie Lee (ranked 10th), Chicago’s Gravy Brown (15th) and Birmingham’s Chip Simpson (ranked 6th) will also compete.

Louisiana’s top eater, Damon Serignet of Baton Rouge, has promised to defend the honor of the Pelican State in this competition. A Louisianan hasn’t won the Acme Oyster contest since 2003, and Serignet is not afraid of the big names from up north.

“I grew up eating Louisiana Oysters and I’m told that this year the oyster harvest is returning to pre-Katrina levels,” said Serignet. “To celebrate, I plan to win this contest and dedicate my performance to all of Louisiana’s fishing families.”

The 2008 Acme World Oyster Eating Championship will occur at the Farmers Market at 1008 North Peters Street, which is across from the Old U.S. Mint in the Historic New Orleans French Quarter. The world record for oyster eating is 46 dozen in ten minutes and was set at the 2005 Acme Worlds by Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas.

Acme Oyster House has been pleasing the palates of discriminating diners since it opened in the French Quarter in 1910. Today, Acme has three locations in and around New Orleans and one location in San Destin, FL. Acme is recognized worldwide as a pillar of New Orleans cuisine. The restaurant is routinely featured in television broadcasts and its food has won numerous awards from many local and national organizations over the course of the restaurant’s 90 + year history.

Major League Eating, the governing body of all stomach-centric sport worldwide, conducts nearly 100 events annually, including the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, NY. The competitive eating community, which numbers more than 3,000 veteran and rookie athletes, travels the nation in search of top titles and the glory, prize money and bragging rights. http://www.majorleagueeating.com

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