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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Are you ready to Hurl?

Nathan's champ KobayashiGame show titles have a way of telling you exactly what you can expect if you tune in to them. The Price Is Right is about guessing prices, Card Sharks was a game that involved a deck of cards, and Match Game was about matching your word with the word picked by a celebrity. Of course, the whole list of examples breaks down a bit when you consider Jeopardy!, which could be about anything, really.

But add to the list Hurl, the new game show coming this summer to G4. To quote from the network, it's a show that "combines speed-eating with intense physical challenges." Yes, you read that right.

I think the producers are going to try to get these contestants to eat 10 hot dogs then climb rock walls and race around a track. Halfway through the show, the remaining contestants have to eat more food and then do more challenges.

Note: each episode is going to have two "cuisines." Why this isn't on Food Network I'll never know.

I wonder though: will the network show the hurling? Will this be on late night? And most importantly, will G4's web site sell barf bags with the Hurl logo?

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