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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Greeks hold nugget contest

Mark Mullaney put two water drenched chicken nuggets in his hand, squished them together and used a gulp of water to help wash them down as he flicked little pieces of the soggy meat into the air.

Mullaney (sophomore-political science), representing his fraternity Alpha Tau Omega, consumed this wet chicken mixture to help his team reach victory in the Delta Delta Delta and Beta Sigma Beta Sixth Annual Nugget Bowl.

The Nugget Bowl is an annual chicken nugget eating contest philanthropy that was held last night at the Beta Sigma Beta fraternity house, 255 E. Fairmount Ave.

The contest was divided into 24 teams and proceeded in a bracket form. It was divided into 14 sorority teams and 10 fraternity teams; each team had three members. Six of the 14 female teams and four of the 10 male teams moved into the final round. A Delta Delta Delta sorority team and an Alpha Tau Omega fraternity team won the final round.

Competitors had various methods for quickly eating chicken nuggets.

"You always have to have three nuggets: one in your mouth and one in each hand," said Delta Delta Delta member Lauren Talamini (senior-public relations).

John Raezer (junior-psychology), a member of Beta Sigma Beta fraternity, said it was important to "lubricate well" and would put two or three nuggets in his mouth and drink water to help it go down.

Beta Sigma Beta philanthropy chair Scott Horowitz said he utilized a "rip, dip and eat method" to consume his nuggets.

Delta Delta Delta member Courtney Gushue (sophomore-biobehavioral health) offered the advice "little bites go down easier."

Supporters from the participating fraternities and sororities encouraged their members by shouting things like "two at a time" and "eat faster."

Participants found the contest to be both challenging and fun.

Delta Delta Delta member Ali Cowit (freshman-division of undergraduate studies) said, "It was a lot of fun. I love doing eating contests. I won the pokey [stix] eating contest, so this is just another challenge for me."

Alpha Tau Omega team winner Alex Scheffer (sophomore-economics) said, "I thought it was a great contest; it was exciting."

The philanthropy raised about $1,000 to be donated to St. Jude

Children's Research Hospital.

This money is to be donated as part of the national Delta Delta Delta goal to raise $10 million over 10 years, all of which will be donated to the hospital.

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