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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


La Costena Feel the Heat Jalapeno Eating Challenge Returns to Reward Competitive Eaters and Local Food Banks

Competitive eating has become one of the fastest growing sports in
America, and speed eaters report that jalapeno eating is one of the most
grueling of stomach-centric competitions. The La Costena Feel the Heat
Jalapeno Eating Challenge Tour is en-route to cities with a proven appetite
for authentic Mexican cuisine spicing up some of the nation's largest
community events in Los Angeles, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Atlanta and
Chicago with this fiery jalapeno contest.
La Costena chefs will also be on hand to prepare authentic Mexican
cuisine from a mobile, state-of-the-art kitchen, and will share their
secrets and helpful tips on creating traditional Mexican recipes such as
enchiladas verdes, borracho beans and seafood chipotle guacamole.
La Costena is a Mexican company with more than 85 years of experience
manufacturing, distributing and marketing high quality canned foods
worldwide. La Costena products preserve the flavor of the traditional
Mexican cuisine, making them the preferred choice of millions of consumers
who daily enjoy the delicious variety of products including peppers,
salsas, beans, mole, mayonnaise, tender cactus and other products essential
for creating your favorite meals. For additional product information,
please visit
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Local hunger relief agencies net assortment of La Costena products for
number of jalapenos consumed during local competitions
SAN ANTONIO, April 23 /PRNewswire/ -- For the past two years,
competitive eaters have felt the heat by collectively consuming more than
3,000 jalapenos in the La Costena Feel the Heat Jalapeno Eating Challenge.
And the heat is on again this year!
The third annual La Costena Feel the Heat Jalapeno Eating Challenge
Tour is challenging jalapeno lovers to chew through the existing record for
the most jalapenos eaten within one minute, which currently stands at 31.
The contestant who eats the most jalapenos during each local
competition is awarded a $500 cash prize. Additionally, the collective
gastronomical achievements of the entire group of speed eating competitors
will impact the city's local hunger relief efforts. La Costena has pledged
to donate an assortment of its authentic Mexican food products to local
food banks and hunger relief agencies for each jalapeno consumed during
these contests.

SOURCE La Costena

In 1 month I will undergo exstensive dental work , when I reach my goal weight of 165lbs in about early 2009 and my dental implants are complete I;d like to make my comeback at the jalapenos , I know that I can beat Bertoleti , only time will tell , we will see if I can beat him
I hope you hit your goal weight. Jalapeños is definitely one of your best foods ever. I know your perfomances have inspired me more than you probably think. Not only your performances, but also your hilarious characters!
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