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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Man eats 140+ peices of sushi to promote video game [VIDEO] .....Tim Janus Promotes Video Game

Earlier today competitive eater Tim Janus (aka "Eater X") made a guest appearance at the Nintendo Media summit in downtown San Francisco to show off his prowess eating Sushi rolls. Nintendo's PR had put together a "guess how many jelly beans are in the jar" situation by making attendees estimate the number of sushi rolls Janus would be consuming within a six minute time frame in order to promote Mastif-Games' new title Major League Eating: The Game of which Janus appears as a playable character.

To everyone's surprise Janus managed to wolf down 14 plates full, totaling 141 pieces, each about the size of a roll of film. The winning guesstimater received $250 in cash while Janus casually sipped some lemonade and played a few rounds of the game with onlookers, including myself who managed to just barely take him out in a meatball battle (an event Janus has never won in real life).

The event was timed and sanctioned by Major League Eating in order to count as an official record for Janus who is currently the record holder for ramen noodles, tamales, and tiramisu, of which he's eaten four pounds within six minutes back in mid-2005.

We grabbed the contest on video in case you're interested in watching someone consume this much food in one sitting. There's also a set of photos of Janus and the finished plates here.

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